Ascent Aerospace Businesses Combine Forces on Common Campus

3 years ago
Macomb Township, Michigan – 7 February 2017. Ascent Aerospace, a leading integrator of automation and tooling used to build aircraft and spacecraft, will bring three enterprises to one physical campus. This campus, in Macomb Township, Michigan, co-locates employees from Ascent Integration–North America, Brown Aerospace, and Global Tooling Systems, and is expected to increase collaboration and efficiencies across Ascent.

“We are paving the way for 2017 to be a year of innovation, growth, flawless execution and positive change at Ascent Aerospace. This begins with bringing an invaluable set of resources – our employees – into one, centralized location,” said Michael Mahfet, President of Ascent’s Integration & Automation Group, which includes all there enterprises. He continued, “Raising the bar for our internal integration and collaboration will lead to better-integrated solutions for our customers.”

Ascent campus for GlobalTooling-BrownAerospace-IntegrationNA
Each company brings unique and highly-qualified expertise in their disciplines. Brown Aerospace and Global Tooling Systems were acquired for their extensive experience in automation and tooling, respectively. Together, they pioneered installing aircraft fastening automation directly onto assembly tooling, a solution that is proven to reduce recurring and non-recurring costs and improve return on investment for aerostructure manufacturers. After acquiring both market-leading organizations and recognizing an increase in the size, complexity and frequency of such projects, the company founded Ascent Integration–North America to further develop their unique approach to serving the industry.

Under one umbrella, they are able to deliver complete aerospace assembly solutions for factories, assembly lines and cells. The physical consolidation will enhance these capabilities by co-locating workflows across the three companies, such as proposals and estimating, program management, and engineering. This will afford the teams greater control over timing and schedules and more accountability to each other. The boost in overall efficiencies will allow Ascent to leverage their scale, operate leaner, and maintain a high rate of growth, while meeting customers’ demands around cap/op-ex budgeting and execution timelines. The Customer should also find it easier, in the future, to do business with the integrated organization

The consolidation supports Ascent’s collaborative approach while still recognizing the heritage and expertise that each business brings to the group. Each of the three organizations will retain their customer relationships, core competencies and product lines. Ascent’s customers, partners and suppliers will continue with their present contacts.