Ascent Aerospace Marks its Evolution with New Logos

3 years ago
January 2017 – At Ascent Aerospace, our business has evolved from a collection of discrete companies into a strategically aligned solution provider. We integrate our proven expertise in aerospace tooling and automated fastening systems to provide beginning-to-end solutions for aerospace assembly challenges.

The new logos preserve the industry-renowned names that reflect our heritage, but we have emphasized our unity by leading with our common name, Ascent Aerospace. While our businesses will always retain their highly qualified expertise in each of their unique disciplines, the new logos better reflect the company today, as our integrated approach to serving the market is realized.


Under the Ascent Aerospace leadership, and to support customers who were looking for a complete aerospace integrator, each company was acquired precisely for their proven expertise in complementary fields. We minimize risk to our customers by providing the entire solution in-house, with less reliance on outside subcontractors for key elements of the system. This gives us greater control over timing and schedules and ultimate accountability, while avoiding redundant mark-ups, saving our customers money.

We offer the best of both worlds: the know-how of niche businesses and the scale and capacity of a global corporation.

We’ve spent years developing and perfecting one-stop-shopping, to deliver the entire process or production line. As a true aerospace integrator, we truly recognize the importance of making it easy to do business with us! These new logos represent the evolution of our brand, but our corporate names remain the same. As there is no legal impact to this change, no action is required on the part of our suppliers and partners. No need to reissue POs, resend invoices, refile quality certificates, etc. In fact, you don’t have to do extra work or interrupt ongoing business in any way.

Brown-Gemcor-GlobalTooling-Europe-NorthAmerica-Odyssey logos