Automated Solutions for Challenging Aerostructure Assembly Requirements

Ascent Aerospace is at the forefront of a clear industry trend that is blurring the lines between an automated system and a tool, to optimize system utilization and increase performance and functionality. Tooling is becoming an integral part of the automated system as they are blended into a common work center. Our automated line concept has been proven to drive out recurring costs, streamline the manufacturing cycle and minimize the risk associated with automated manufacturing and assembly.

Ascent is able to deliver turnkey factory solutions that combine our integration expertise with state-of-the-art drilling and fastening equipment, and world-class jigs, fixtures and material delivery tooling.

Our fully-integrated automation systems include mechanical, controls, and electrical design, offline programming, on site commissioning, and production assistance.

We’ve put together completely integrated automation assembly line packages, delivered by some of the best engineers and tooling professionals in the business. So you can build the best products in the industry, with unmatched efficiency and quality.

Light, Flexible Automation

Our new light flexible assembly line design is revolutionizing the aerospace industry. We have combined our proven aerospace assembly tooling experience with our advanced micro-machines. The result is significant reduction in recurring costs and a proven reduction in non-recurring costs.


Merging automation and tooling supports assembly of high-rate, large aerostructures as well as small or low-rate lines. It can be used to retrofit an existing line with automation, commission new lines, or to meet rate increases, Ascent has retrofitted existing wing assembly jigs, large and small, with automated drilling and countersinking. And we have developed fuselage fastening systems for new programs.