Ascent Aerospace boasts industry-leading tooling capacity. Made up of three tooling companies under one umbrella – Coast Composites, Global Tooling Systems and Odyssey Industries – we are, combined, the largest tooling group in the world. We rarely have to set foot outside Ascent to procure key elements of the supply chain. This gives us greater control over timing and schedules and allow us to assume 100% accountability. (We also avoid costly mark-ups, saving our customers money!)

Together, we have over 1.6 million hours of tool manufacturing capacity, annually, and more than 630,000 ft2 (58,800 m2) of manufacturing shop floor space. But it’s not just capacity we offer: we have the widest capability, too. Whatever the scale, urgency or complexity of your project, we’re your best bet to get the job done. And we back it up with the engineering capacity and capability to support a wide variety of tooling types.

Through leveraging our scale, Ascent has more surge capacity than any one competitor’s total capacity. Surge capacity can help reduce the impact of late launches that result from customer delays. In one case, a $35M tooling project, a 12-week delay in customer engineering was mitigated to only a 3-week program push, by utilizing our scale and surge capacity.