Composite layup molds and bond tools

Ascent Aerospace is a world-class designer and manufacturer of composite tooling used to produce high performance composite aerospace parts and structures.

Composite tooling offers many advantages over metallic tooling.

  • Reduced weight facilitates transport through the factory and rotation on an automated fiber placement machine.
  • Lower thermal mass allows for faster, more controlled cure temperature ramp up and cool down, which drives shorter cycle times through autoclaves or ovens.
  • Rate production tools use a common master mold to produce duplicate tools and prove more cost effective than their metallic counterparts.

Since 2010, we have developed an expertise in manufacturing aerospace composite layup molds, trim and drill fixtures, and custom caul sheets at our Coast Composites facility in California. Our AS9100C-certified facility includes a dedicated 12,000ft2 (1,100m2) clean room, a 13’ x 50’ (4m x 15m) autoclave, on-site cold storage, CNC ply cutting, and laser projection – plus, our robust capacity planning and program management practices.

Our highly-trained workforce of certified layup personnel has extensive experience in a wide range of composite materials and processes, allowing us to provide the best value to the customer for any aircraft composite tooling application, from development to long-term production.

Material Options
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP)
  • Carbon fiber BMI prepreg
  • Carbon benzoxazine prepreg
  • Carbon epoxy prepreg
  • Infused carbon epoxy
  • Fiberglass epoxy prepreg
  • Infused fiberglass epoxy
  • Wet-laminated fiberglass epoxy
  • Monolithic graphite
  • CFOAM®
  • Epoxy tooling board
  • Polyurethane foam
Fabrication Capabilities
  • Autoclave-cured production layup molds
  • Modular composite tools (permanently bonded or mechanically sealed)
  • Infused epoxy prototype tools
  • Wet-laminated trim and drill fixtures
  • Custom composite caul sheets
  • Backup structure fabrication using epoxy or BMI ties
  • Dynamic leak test validation using thin fiberglass laminate
  • Springback test part layup and cure
  • Composite tool design and stress analysis
  • Bagging and leak test specialist
Aerospace applications
  • Layup molds
  • Trim and drill fixtures
  • Composite cauls
  • Springback test parts
  • Dynamic leak test validation parts