End Effectors

State-of-the-art Brown Aerospace end effectors achieve high-precision, near-burrless drilling of most surfaces and are designed to accommodate a wide variety of specific needs, including space constraints, coolant delivery and chip vacuum systems. This expansive functionality is combined with state of the art vision systems and constant, monitored pressure on the drilling surface.

Modular, scalable end effectors

Regardless of what motion control platform is selected, our interchangeable end effectors can be added on an as-needed basis. It is scalable with rate increases, ensuring that non-recurring costs are commensurate with production rates. In some cases, one multi-purpose end effector can initially be moved from tool to tool, creating several “machines” from only one drill spindle, and then increasing to one end effector per jig (or more) as increasing rates justify an increasing investment. This interchangeability of end effectors allows investment to be scaled along with production rates. Interchangeable end effectors further minimize risk because they can be repurposed for another part or program.


Our multi-function end effectors, with automatic tool changer, are custom-ordered with the relevant functionality for your application:

  • Drill only
  • Drill and insert
  • Drill and countersink
  • Drill and fasten
  • Collar swaging
  • Riveting
  • Sealant
  • Adjacent clamp
  • One up
  • Defastening
  • Deburring
  • Specialty functions
  • Constrained space options including a miniature version and a right angle version
Drilling and Countersinking


All Brown Aerospace drilling systems are designed to meet the torque, thrust, and speed requirements necessary for precision-drilled holes and best-in-class countersink depth control.  This is achieved with new technology even if the aerostructure is not is in theoretical true engineering position (for example, OML movement during drilling operation).


Inserting and Fastening


We cover the universal range of fastener types for the insertion and fastening process including Centrix, rivet, one-sided rivet, HiLock, Hilite, and Composilock applications.  As options, we provide torque monitoring, and fastener installation quality verification.




We provide sealant application to the hole, the fastener shank, or the fastener head. Our equipment can integrate with shuttle transfer injection for inserting pre-sealed fasteners. Moreover, the feeder systems can provide sealed fasteners.


Pressure-Foot Clamping


Our infinitely programmable end-effector force application for multiple stack drilling also supports the management of temporary fasteners for adjacent clamp drilling and countersink operations.


One-Up Fastening


We provide multi-function process heads capable of drilling, countersinking, inspection, sealing, insertion and fastening during the clamping process.




We use a variety of probing technologies in order to tailor the technology to the application. We are capable of measuring countersink, hole diameter, cylindricity, normality, surface reference, and stack measurement.


Vision Systems


We have a wide breadth of vision applications and technologies, among them 3D optical profilometry, 2D area scanner, and line scanner. Our technologies perform pattern analysis, part identification, quality metrology, LASER projection and triangulation, and alignment of machine to workpiece. Measurement and verification processes include hole and countersink inspection, fastener inspection, and sealant application inspection.


Normality Control


Our normality controls include non-contact optical measurement, contact with a compliant tip, or a rigid tip, as suited to the application requirements.