Fastener Feed Systems


Our fastener management equipment segment can satisfy any number of applications.

Single- or dual-carousel fastener storage and delivery systems are offered. Utilizing cassettes as the method of storage, these feeders can hold large volumes and types of fasteners. We also offer sealant application with this system.

Fastener insertion systems are coupled with feed systems to provide full system capability. Transportation of fasteners from the feeder system to the inserter is accomplished via a pneumatic air blow system.

  • Automated fastener loading, fastener feeding and sealant application
  • Accurate positioning for picking and delivering a wide variety of fastener sizes, materials and types
  • Dial-type inspection system rejects 100% of bad fasteners
  • Custom modifications based on design and communication requirements
  • RFID real-time inventory control

Loading speed
60 fasteners/minute

Feeding speed
8-10 fasteners/minute

Fastener quantity
>1,400 1”-long fasteners in a cassette 17,000 1”-long fasteners in a 12-cassette system

Fastener variety
75 types of fasteners in a cassette 900 types of fasteners in a 12-cassette system >1,400 fastener sizes, types and materials supported