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Wing Fastening Systems

Gemcor’s wing systems have been utilized on almost every major Aircraft Program – including Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and Bombardier.

Fuselage Fastening Systems

Gemcor’s fuselage systems have supported the aerospace industry for the past 75 years. Our modern, all-electric fastening technology offers a reliable, easy-to-use solution for any fuselage application.

Nacelle Systems

Gemcor’s unique nacelle technology offers solutions for lipskin assemblies, bulkheads, exhaust ducts, exhaust nozzles and fan cowls. Our nacelle systems often utilize a horn-type lower ram, allowing access to hard-to-reach areas, bottom-side countersinking and double-flush applications.

Riveting Technologies

Active Panel Protection is standard on all Gemcor heads, providing protection against tipped or damaged fasteners, chips in the drilled hole, wrong hole size, or a broken drill. This feature is always active, without adding additional cycle time, and has been proven to almost eliminate scrapping panels.

Across the globe, Gemcor equipment and systems are used by virtually every manufacturer of airframes. Since Gemcor’s inception, more than 2200 systems have been shipped worldwide. Nearly every commercial aircraft you set foot on has come into contact with a Gemcor system. Take a look at our
global customer base.

While airframe including fuselage, wings and engine nacelles are Gemcor system mainstays, they are also used in other industries, including space and UAVs.

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