Key Capabilities

Automated Assembly Projects

Ascent Aerospace is at the forefront of a clear industry trend that is blurring the lines between an automated system and a tool, to optimize system utilization and increase performance and functionality. Tooling is becoming an integral part of the automated system as they are blended into a common work center.

Assembly Tools

Ascent designs and builds both manual and automated assembly tooling for aircraft and space launch vehicles. Past projects include wing assembly tooling for six major business jet aircraft as well as fixtures for the assembly of nacelles, fuselages, and other major sub-assemblies, for civilian and military programs.

Work Platforms

From simple staircases to complex multilevel work structures, our manual, mobile and powered work stands provide access and equipment support for aerospace assembly lines.

Transporting & Lifting Fixtures

From shipping containers to installation and transport dollies, we have nearly four decades of experience producing a diverse range of bespoke tools for all transportation, facility and ground support applications. Whether shipping overseas, by rail car, or moving an assembly with a tow vehicle, we design and build the proper equipment to handle your critical components.

Jigs through Automated Assembly Solutions

Global Tooling Systems is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-precision aerospace tooling and assembly lines and managing them from A to Z. We apply a sound technical approach, strong management techniques, and state of the art manufacturing processes to every program. We have engineered some of the most innovative manual, semi-automated and automated aerospace tooling solutions, to provide assembly efficiencies and reduce recurring production costs.


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