Just as in everyday life, the aerospace industry looks for simplicity and accountability from a single supplier with the size and financial security to ensure long-term support. The perfect one-stop-shopping scenario is for a supplier or integrator to deliver the entire process or production line with a single point of responsibility. In the past, the flaw to this approach was that no single company had all of the pieces to the puzzle.

The industry encouraged integrators to become larger, so that they could offer the entire solution in-house with no reliance on outside subcontractors for key elements of the system.
Ascent Aerospace knew it was imperative to address this segment of the market head-on, and we went on a mission to become a world-class integrator, capable of providing strong expertise in each required discipline. Over a period of four years, we made a number of key acquisitions. The result: a group of businesses, each an industry leader within their own discipline, now acting as one, truly-integrated supply base.

Coast Composites has delivered some of the largest-ever Invar and carbon fiber layup tools for building composite aerostructures. Global Tooling Systems has likely produced more wing assembly jigs than any other tooling provider in the world. Gemcor has the largest installed base of fastening systems in the world after inventing Drivmatic® one-up fastening to support aircraft production in WWII. In France, an acquisition from Areva brought project management expertise honed as a Tier 1 integrator of more than a dozen final assembly lines and pre-final assembly lines.

In aerospace, there is simply no substitute for decades of experience. As a true, single-source integrator, we have proven tools in our own toolbox to deliver on our customers’ requirements. It gives us greater control over timing and schedules, allows for 100% accountability, and avoids costly mark-ups, saving our customers money.