Ascent Aerospace HyVarC Hybrid Invar/Composite Layup Molds

HyVarC Hybrid Invar/Composite Layup Molds

For development and prototype applications

Ascent’s latest advance combines the advantageous characteristics of Invar® and composite tools into a patent-pending hybrid tool – HyVarC®. HyVarC specialty tooling combines a thin Invar backup structure and facesheet with a bonded, high-temperature composite working surface. The resulting tool is 50% lighter than a traditional Invar tool and boasts a 20% shorter lead-time than a traditional composite tooling solution.

HyVarC Benefits:

  • Thin Invar facesheet ( <0.2" ) and backup structure provide long-term vacuum integrity and toughness
  • Eliminates exposed composite surfaces during cure (autoclave and OOA), preventing thermal oxidation, vacuum leaks and surface degradation/delamination
  • Machined composite surface yields profile .010” accuracy, better than cast composite tooling
  • Deliverable Invar substructure and thin facesheet serve as an interim master for the composite working surface – no separate layup master saves time and cost
  • Inexpensively- and easily-modified surface contour
  • Material can be added in localized areas
  • Surface can be re-machined
  • Composite overlay can be removed and reapplied if needed
  • Easier handling and transport
  • Shorter thermal cycles in oven or autoclave
  • Significant Invar material savings