Layup Molds

Ascent is a world leader in the design and fabrication of all types of layup molds and bond tools produced from invar, aluminum, steel, and composite materials for nacelles, wings, helicopter cabins and blades, fuselage mandrels and an assortment of detail parts including spars, stringers, and frames for the aerospace industry.

  • We are the preeminent manufacturer of Invar tooling systems, including layup molds, bond tools and cure tools, ranging from small to very large scale – some of the largest ever built, in fact.
  • We have developed an expertise in manufacturing composite layup molds, trim and drill fixtures, and custom caul sheets.
  • When budgets are tight, foam molds may strike the correct balance between cost and performance.
  • Introducing HyVarC®, our patent-pending Hybrid InVar/Carbon fiber mold for development and prototype applications


For more information on specific mold types:
Invar Tooling Systems
(including layup molds, bond tools and cure tools)