• Automated Integration

    Simple table-top structures to trunnion-mounted frames to complex, tight-tolerance vaccum miling fixtures


Key Capabilities

Layup Molds

Ascent is a world leader in the design and fabrication of all types of layup molds and bond tools produced from invar, aluminum, steel, and composite materials for nacelles, wings, helicopter cabins and blades, fuselage mandrels and an assortment of detail parts including spars, stringers, and frames for the aerospace industry.

Trim and Drill Fixtures

Aerospace trim and routing fixtures have long been a staple of our tooling businesses. Mastering each customer’s stringent requirements for vacuum integrity, routing or trim channels, wear surfaces, surface tolerance and overall rigidity have enabled us to set the benchmark for quality. We provide custom work holding systems or fixtures for a wide range of uses including: CNC machining, robotic welding, automatic presses, inspection applications, and assembly processes.

Assembly Tools

Ascent designs and builds both manual and automated assembly tooling for aircraft and space launch vehicles. Past projects include wing assembly tooling for six major business jet aircraft as well as fixtures for the assembly of nacelles, fuselages, and other major sub-assemblies, for civilian and military programs.

Work platforms

From simple staircases to complex multilevel work structures, our manual, mobile and powered work stands provide access and equipment support for aerospace assembly lines. We manufacture both design-to-build and build-to-print aerospace assembly line and maintenance work platforms which provide flexible and efficient manufacturing access solutions. Most recently, work stands have taken on more of a tooling approach than a typical, large access structure.

Tooling Innovation & Quality

Odyssey Industries provides high quality tooling, from conceptual design through fabrication. Odyssey manufactures a myriad of tooling for the aerospace industry, among them layup molds and mandrels, handling equipment, check fixtures, work platforms, drill jigs, and assembly tooling.

Through our value added engineering and integrated manufacturing expertise, we collaborate with our customers to optimize processes and deliver quality products in a cost effective manner. We are passionate about the pursuit of continuous improvement, in order to maintain the highest standards of excellence.


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