Wing Fastening Systems

Gemcor’s wing systems have been utilized on almost every major program, including aircraft from Boeing, Airbus, Embraer and Bombardier. Since our inception, we have perfected precision controls and advanced technology for any slug riveting application, among them center wing boxes, wing panels, leading edge and other work pieces. Both “squeeze” and “squeeze-squeeze” are popular methods incorporated into our programming.

WRS Wing Riveting System

This horizontal CNC system features a mobile, 5-axis fastening system to access all fastening locations on a fixed position aircraft wing structure. The wing panel is elevated to work-line by precision-controlled lift cylinders, which individually retract to the floor to provide fastening access to the wing panel at positions which would otherwise be obstructed. The system can include turntables with interconnecting track which permits a machine to move to any work station in the track network or to position multiple machines in a single work piece to speed throughout.


WRSs include the following features:

  • High speed upper head transfer
  • Split “a” axis drive for enhanced head alignment
  • 50,000 lbs (22,750kg) upset capability
  • Full servo-programmable controls
  • High-speed drill and shave spindles
  • High-speed servo buck and lower head
  • Servo clamp
  • 2-piece fastener installation with high interference
  • Up to six upper head positions
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC of processes)
  • Automatic fastener selection
  • Fastest machine cycle time in the industry
  • Supports multi-fastener installation
  • Standard slug squeeze process
  • Squeeze/Squeeze IV slug installation
  • Pogo installation process
G86 Wing Fastening System

The unique design, strength and flexibility Gemcor’s G86 5-axis CNC positioning system is ideal for wing fastening and wing-related component fastening applications. “Frame in frame” workpiece handling or simple former board wing panel supports are available, depending on the customer’s requirements or application. Several installed G86 all-electric riveters fasten both wing and fuselage panels.


G14 Spar and CWB Lightweight CNC Fastening Cell

Gemcor’s latest G14 fastening solution is targeted at specialized, wing-related applications, such as spars and the center wing box (CWB). With a rotating upper pressure foot bushing and upper anvils, the upper head is designed to provide the maximum access and clearance for these demanding applications.


Coupled to Gemcor’s new, lighter-weight G14 CNC positioning system, this solution can be quickly and easily installed on most standard factory floors without the need for special foundations. With the integration of highly-flexible, in-process adaptive controls systems, the G14 is able to meet the most exacting of aerospace applications with the minimal amount of hard tooling allowing for quick changeover and reconfiguration for many different present and future applications.