Scaffolding & Workstands

From simple staircases to complex multilevel work structures, our manual, mobile and powered work stands provide access and equipment support for aerospace assembly lines.

We manufacture both design-to-build and build-to-print aerospace assembly line and maintenance work platforms which provide flexible and efficient manufacturing access solutions. Most recently, work stands have taken on more of a tooling approach than a typical, large access structure.

Work platforms can be designed to provide an adjustable working surface for personnel performing assembly, installation or maintenance activities while also providing power, hydraulics and other utility services to the line. Mounted on simple castors or with self-leveling power drive units, these sophisticated work platforms can be designed for manual or powered mobility, working on fixed rail or automated configurations, in coordination with other platforms and equipment.

From simple staircases to complex multilevel work structures, our engineering staff has extensive experience designing platform layouts which are often required to work in concert with assembly jigs, material handling systems, and automated equipment.


  • Aircraft assembly
  • Aircraft maintenance
  • Launch vehicle assembly
  • Static, moving or pulse lines
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO)
Common Features
  • Slider boards
  • Flipper boards
  • Lighting
  • Safety rails and chains
  • Rigorous safety standards
  • Ergonomic features for ease of manufacturing
  • Fixed or mobile
  • Manual or powered movement
  • Utilities
  • Simple castors or powered drive unit
  • Rail guided or automated guidance
  • Coordinated platform movement
  • Scissor, elevator, conveyor lift