Assembly Tooling and Fixtures

Precision-tolerance tooling for manual or automated assembly applications

Ascent designs and builds both manual and automated assembly tooling for aircraft and space launch vehicles. Past projects include wing assembly tooling for six major business jet aircraft as well as fixtures for the assembly of nacelles, fuselages, and other major sub-assemblies, for civilian and military programs. We excel in turnkey assembly solutions for the entire line or plant, providing project management, design, controls software, hardware and fixtures to produce any assembly or part.

Using the latest laser tracking hardware and software, we continue to extend the achievable tooling tolerances of an already-demanding industry. Our unmatched experience in aerospace tooling allows us to consistently set the standard for accuracy and repeatability of large scale assembly jigs and fixtures.

Often, the major tooling we provide is the centerpiece of an assembly process. This requires integration with automated drilling and one-piece or two-piece fastener installation, overhead rails, facilities, industrial engineering and many other facets – everywhere the hand-over of the assembly is critical.

Our in-house engineering expertise comprises electro-mechanical systems, programmable logic controls, motion control, positioning and automated drilling and fastening systems, enabling us to design intelligent automated assembly equipment to support static, moving and pulse lines.

Whether you’re assembling small brackets or complete wings and fuselages, we can design and build an ergonomic solution tailored to your needs.

Past Projects

Recent projects include assembly fixtures and tooling for:

  • Wings, fuselages, nacelles and other major aircraft sub-assemblies
  • Flaps, ailerons, rudders and other critical aircraft parts
  • Rocket welding, clean rooms and access elevators
  • Missiles
  • Military cargo planes and fighter jets
  • Next generation flying cars

Our vast knowledge of wing assembly tooling spans four decades, making wings, spars and wing box fixtures a particular area of expertise at Ascent. We are experienced at suppling proven, state-of-the-art tooling, from start to finish, including design, automation, controls, installation and commissioning.


Ascent is a major contributor to space programs. Over our many years of service, we have produced a variety of rocket assembly tooling, clean room accesses, friction-stir welding fixtures and transportation equipment.

Automated drilling cells

Automation has become the backbone of today’s assembly industry and Ascent’s state-of-the-art systems are on the cutting edge. Our proven drilling and riveting systems, in production across the country, reduce tack – and down time!

We can design and build any type of automation fixture, including:

  • Drill heads and rivet machines
  • Feed and bucking machines
  • Drill cells with removable cartridges
  • NC mill fixtures
  • Water jet fixtures