Assembly Tooling

Detail tooling to complement other manufacturing operations can be designed and manufactured at our tooling facilities. The tooling types can range from smaller “tabletop” type tooling to “free-standing “ fixtures. This category of tooling would include drill plates & fixtures – location jigs – templates – welding fixture – machining & processing fixtures.


Ascent is familiar with typical product build sequences, and provides solutions for sub-assembly assembly methods. Sub-assembly tooling can be relatively simple or incorporate technology for precise location semi-automated operations.

Final Assembly Tooling and Fixtures

Ascent has wing assembly tooling for several commercial aircraft programs, as well as fixtures for the final assembly of nacelles, fuselages, and other major aircraft structures. We excel in turnkey assembly solutions for both fixed and moving line systems, providing project management, design, controls software, hardware and fixturing to produce any assembly or structure.

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