Automation Applications

Ascent redefines automation for the aerospace industry by coupling process enabling technology with the right motion platforms to gain the greatest part accessibility and factory flexibility. Ascent stops at nothing to drive manufacturing excellence for our customers. From our standard solutions of semi-automated and fully automatic positioning systems to our customized automation solutions, Ascent creates more than an automation application: we provide a value-added solution.


Each overhead positioning system, sized to meet customer-specifications, interfaces with the riveter to assure safe movement without causing damage to the panel or riveter. These are commonly used to aid the positioning and fastening of fuselage panels, bulkheads, door assemblies, large frame sub-assemblies and even simpler, smaller wings and spars. From simple linear rails to patent-pending arc-frame systems.

Flexible Automation

We can automate drilling applications using innovative architecture to accommodate parts from spars to fuselages, from simple linear rails to patent-pending arc-frame systems. Our mobile systems provide added flexibility and are portable which allows them to be easily deployed and re-deployed with minimal setup and no programming.





Mobile Platform

Fully Automatic

From a simple 3-axis up, to an 8-axis system, we will find the most efficient and economical approach for your application.

G12 5-axis CNC

  • Ideally suited for smaller panel assemblies
  • Lightweight, no foundation required
  • Vertical or horizontal loading
  • Simplified panel holding
  • Provides “X”, “Y”, “Z”, “A” and “B” motion to position the panel and normalize fastener locations with the pressure foot bushing. “Y”, “Z” and “A” axis movements are generated within the pedestals, enabling horizontal or vertical floor-level panel-loading

G14 5-axis CNC

  • Lightweight, highly flexible
  • Installed easily on most standard factory floors without particular foundation
  • Targeted at specialized, wing-related applications, such as spars and the center wing box (CWB)
  • Rotating upper-pressure foot bushing and upper anvils to provide maximum access and clearance for demanding applications
  • Quick changeover and reconfiguration for multiple present and future applications
  • “X”, “Y”, “Z”, “A” and “B” axis motion positions the panel and normalizes fastener locations with the pressure foot bushing

G86 5-axis CNC

  • Weight reduction technologies provide rapid travel, high accuracy, and impressive positioning repeatability
  • Increased size and weight capability
  • Vertical or horizontal loading
  • Ideal for wing fastening and wing-related component fastening applications
  • Can be equipped for fuselage fastening

G2000 7-axis CNC

  • Full half-fuselage, 180˚ fastening
  • Modular frame design to allow faster field assembly and greater manufacturing flexibility
  • Vertical or horizontal loading Expandable for future applications
  • Protected by US patents #5,778,505 and #6,101,704
  • Predominately used for fuselage applications

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