At Ascent, we are continuously challenging industry norms and breaking barriers in aerospace manufacturing. Our teams take pride in their workmanship, knowing what they do every day contributes to our success.  Are you ready to take your career to new heights with us?

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Brand ambassadors

Learn. Inspire. Grow. Meet some of our Brand Ambassadors below and learn what they love about Ascent Aerospace.

Jamie Franz

Quality Manager

How would you describe Ascent’s culture?
“Ascents culture is one of determination. Everyone works hard to achieve the end goal. Everyone feels that performing to the best of their abilities and leaning on each other for support is the best way to earn trust and achieve success.”

Christina Heins

Project Manager

Why did you choose Ascent?
“I studied aerospace engineering in college, so I have always known I wanted to be part of the aerospace industry. Aerospace automation and manufacturing is such a growing field right now, and with Ascent being the largest aerospace tooling and automation supplier in the country, it was a great fit for me.”

Andrew Swain

Account Manager

What makes Ascent a great place to work?
“Ascent focuses on self-improvement and invests in developing its competencies as a business, while also supporting its employees. Ascent has the right mentality in regards to innovation and development, in that it continually evaluates the aerospace market to identify customer trends and the latest manufacturing technology. This makes it an exciting place to work, as it is constantly working to stay at the forefront of the industry.”

What does your manufacturing excellence look like?
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