Drill & Fasten

Propelling Customer’s Production in the Right Direction

Our automated solutions for drilling and fastening applications reduce cycle times and recurring costs while increasing quality and safety for all.

  • Intentionally flexible to meet the wide variety of industry requirements
  • Deliberately scalable to align to customer’s risk over reward tolerance
  • Specific products that focus on generating the most positive impact on the production system
  • Consolidation of our production and development experiences into one product line


Our patented, all-electric roller screw technology is offered in a multitude of different fastening applications to provide quick fastening rates and high productivity for airframers around the world.


high speed linear head

High Speed Linear Linecard

Installs up to 21 fasteners per minute

Vector drive spindle ensures precision drilling all materials

Patented Technology
Roller screw technology patented by Gemcor is used in the lower ram to provide fastener upset


high upset Force linear head

High Upset Force Linear Linecard

Maximum Force
Designed to install fatigue-rated, fuel-tight slug fasteners utilizing up to 40,000lbs (18,200kgs) of upset force

Automatic Tool Changer

High Flexibility
4-position transfer head with vision resync camera, drill spindle, shave spindle and straight down buck, expandable for additional features


Pendulum System

Pendulum System Linecard

High Quality
All-electric operation with three-position heads

Custom-sized C-frame for any application with variable, high-speed drill spindle, 3,000 – 18,000 rpm

Maximum Force
20,000lbs (9,000kg) maximum upset force and
100 to 1,000 lbs (45-450kg) clamp force

ASJ: Ascent Scalable Joining Process Head

Greater Scalability
Scale from drill-only to full multifunction within one package

Modular Configuration
Industrially proven modules to match your desired process

Superior Flexibility
Mounts into multiple motion platform options

Process Enabling Features
Modules dedicated to increasing availability and quality

ASJ Linecard PDF

ACS: Ascent Confined Space Process Head

More Accessibility
Reach areas that are typically closed off to automation
Designed & capable of drilling inner, stacked material structure

Same Advanced Features
Although compact, all advanced features are still present

Highly Flexible Robotic Solution
Multiple robot platforms can be chosen to reach more holes
Add a seventh and eighth axis to create a larger envelope

ACS Linecard PDF

ACF: Clip-to-Frame Process Head

Multifunctional Process
One up drill, fill, and squeeze to increase availability and quality

Multiple Fastening Processes
Squeeze, squeeze-squeeze, and interference install of studs

Touch Labor Minimizer
Specifically designed to decrease recurring cost through automation

Flexible Mounting Options
Fits into multiple motion platform options

ACF Linecard PDF

APKM: Ascent Parallel Kinematic Machine

Extreme Accuracy
Machine performance to meet the industries’ tightest tolerances

Infinite Applications
Industrial robot flexibility for multiple mounting poses
Either standard or custom applications to meet specific needs

Multiple Product Series & Sizes
Right sized automation to meet the customer’s requirements

APKM Linecard PDF

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