Automation & Controls

Ascent strives to be a main resource for automated solutions by providing highly qualified engineers who are trained in both new and traditional technologies. Our expertise ranges from simple to complex motion control, robotics, large and small scale CNC machines, as well as HMI/SCADA and MES solutions. Each and every solution that we provide follows a proven methodology that incorporates a 3 phase process.

  • Phase 1: Initial Development – Functional design and requirements are established with each customer. Project plans including schedules, quality assurance, and customer communications are put into place.
  • Phase 2: Engineering Development – This may include:
    • Detailed designs (electrical/fluid schematics)
    • Programing organization and layout
    • Required interfaces and interlocks
    • Safety systems
    • Integration plan
  • Phase 3: Testing and Integration – A two-step process is utilized for testing provided solutions. The first step is to conduct a preliminary acceptance test where the full functionality of a provided solution is rigorously tested in-house to ensure all requirements are met. The second step is conducted during integration where a final acceptance test is conducted with the customer. Both tests follow a predefined test document that is reviewed with the customer during the initial phases of a project. Project documentation as well as training will then be provided based on customer requirements.

We understand the importance of customer interaction, especially during the early phases of a project, to ensure a full understanding of responsibilities and expectations. This allows us to provide production ready solutions, faster.