Robotic Drilling Systems

Ascent designs and builds robotic drilling systems, leveraging latest-generation technology from robot manufacturers to achieve highly accurate results.

Drivmatic Robotic Positioning Systems

Dual encoder feedback coupled with advanced vision resynchronization technology has generated new methods of cost-effective, robotic aircraft assembly, with proven robot cells currently in production. We offer additional robotic solutions for door, leading edge, pylon, fuselage, nacelle, frames, door-frame, shear-tie and unmanned aircraft assembly.

Door Fastening Cell

Drivmatic all-electric platforms provide automated or semi-automated solutions for door manufactures looking to reduce cost, boost quality and increase throughput. Paired with a C-frame, our robotic positioner exceeds demanding aerospace requirements for repeatability and accuracy, while offering fast installation rates for hard to reach places. This robust, low-cost, door fastening cell achieves a fast ROI and improved quality.


Controlled using a remote HMI and pendant, with the control console located outside the safety fence, each aircraft door component has an associated part program to automatically engage necessary drilling and riveting functions. The robot can be taught different programs or pre-programmed with a CENIT offline programming system.


Active panel protection, contactless normality sensors and broken drill detection are integral to the system. Sensors and vision re-sync also provide a teaching aid for part programs.


G1000 Frame Fastener

A flexible, close-clearance, robotic fastening system can be configured for any size fuselage, with up to 6000lbs (2670 daN) of upset force and 200lbs (41 daN) of clamp force. A traversing-robot on a 7th axis slide provides high-quality automation for shear-tie (clip) and frame component fastening with solid rivets or 2-piece fasteners. The Gemcor end-effector is a self-contained unit that performs a complete Drivmatic® cycle with high accuracy, burr-free drilling and vision resynchronization.


Low Cost Flexible Drilling Cell

Ascent’s cost-effective solution for automated drilling consists of a high-accuracy, aerospace robot working inside a fenced in area with the control console stationed outside the perimeter fence. Inside the fence, work pieces can be mounted to a stationary strong-back mounting platform or indexable holding fixture. A Fanuc robot traverses parallel to the work piece on a precision x-axis slide, performing drilling operations. Contactless sensors correct normality and our advanced vision system locates features on the panel such as a tack fastener or a drilled hole. Gemcor technology enables self-correction with the corresponding part program, maintaining a high degree of accuracy. This low-cost solution offers high accuracy and flexibility to accommodate numerous work pieces at an economical price point.