Industrial Senior Project Leader

Permanent, full-time role
Hein-Sass-Weg 36
21129 Hamburg, Germany

Overall role

In coordination with Ascent Integration central teams and with a direct report to the country manager, the Project Leader will take the responsibility of the management, coordination and steering for execution projects or for offers. He/She is responsible for leading the project team, handling the technical and contractual aspects of the project(s) in terms of quality, cost and time.

Main duties & responsibilities

– Analyze and understand the customer’s needs (specifications) and manage the development of technical solutions;
– Be the interface and the focal point of the customer both in the commercial relationship, contractual and in the management of evolutions;
– Be the representative of the company and promote the company Represent the company and actively promoting it;
– Support the Sales Manager in the negotiation phases.

-Define and set up the project’s organization including identifying needs, controlling deliverables, anticipating resources requirements and structuring various aspects (industrial work packages definition, schedules, purchases, etc.)
– Manage the project in all its dimensions: performance, cost, time, OTD, milestones, quality, environment, health and safety;
– Master the analysis of risks and anticipate them;
– Conduct project closure activities: archiving, feedback and processing of reservations
– Manage offers or projects on an international level and manage coordination across the group and its subsidiaries.

– Coordinate and facilitate a project team (internal and subcontractors), be the conductor to assign the tasks, distribute the workload and manage the appropriate allocation of skills.
– Ensure team cohesion, motivation and good communication within the team.

– Ensure internal and external reporting (customer) and to the Ascent group: technical, quality, planning, costs;
– Periodically measure the progress of the project (physical and financial), carry out preventive actions, make necessary corrections, reporting on progress and communicate on updates.

Experience / Qualifications

o Master’s Degree in either Engineering or equivalent ideally mechanical, design of industrialized products;
o About 10 years’ overall experience in tooling or special machines, preferably aeronautical assembly lines or equivalent;
o Project management: industrial, complex, with very different technical work packages, ability to manage a significant number of subcontractors (10-20 subcontractors)
o PMP certification or equivalent is strongly appreciated;
o Fluency in both English and German languages.

Soft skills
– Rigor and ability to summarize
– Team manager
– Communication skills
– Results oriented
– Taste for challenge and excellent resistance to stress
– Ability to make decisions and take responsibility
– Ability to negotiate
– Crisis or conflict management

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