Site Coordinator – Bauleiter

Permanent, full-time role
Hein-Sass-Weg 36
21129 Hamburg, Germany

Overall role

The site manager is responsible for the day-to-day running of all or part of a site. They oversee every aspect, from the proper execution of tasks to the coordination of teams. He or she is responsible for technical preparation and monitoring, coordinating the various trades, ensuring the safety of the site and adjusting the availability of resources to meet the deadlines for completing the work.

Main duties & responsibilities

• Leading a team of varying sizes, depending on the project’s scale; responsible for administrative matters;
• Organizing and assigning tasks based on trades and site schedule;
• Ensuring the safety of people and machines, complying with current regulations and deadlines;
• Communicating with his superiors and project managers to provide them with updates on the work’s progress.

Quality management & organization of the construction site
• Checking product parts for required dimensional accuracy (incoming inspection, only if required);
• Carrying out functional checks (accompanying/supporting suppliers);
• Preparing test reports (V&V documents exist and must be filled with test results);
• Handling preparation andpost-processing tasks (e.g. site cordoning off, surveying activities by suppliers,….);
• Managing office containers;
• Receving materialsat the customer’s plant for delivery to the construction site;
• Handling incoming goods inspection;
• Managing delivery notes;
• Organizing unloading/loading activities;
• Handling waste disposal;
• Managing toilet facilities.

Technical Skills & Qualifications
• Proficiency in technologies and techniques for assembling structures (mechanics, electricity, topography, interpretation of plans, equipment assembly);
• Mechanical basic knowledge (steel and plant construction);
• Basic understanding of measurement technology (prerequisites for measurement such as ambient conditions etc.);
• Knowledge of site budget management;
• Ability to estimate the resources needed to complete the project within the planned timeframe;
• Competence in using basic IT tools (Excel, Word, Power point);
• Ability to report and formalize progress (site report);
• Knowledge of quality, health, safety and environmental regulations;
• Knowledge of employment law regulations relating to site workers;
• Possession of the appropriate authorisations for operating machinery and specific site activities;
• Basic understanding of electrical systems (standard-compliant laying of cables and installation of electrical components);
• Hazard awareness (providing instruction and monitoring compliance with the client’s safety regulations and general safety regulations).

Know-how & Language skills
• Communicative / solution-oriented
• Project-oriented
• Proactive
• Customer-oriented
• Takes responsibility
• Ability to take decisions quickly
• Flexibility
• Ability to summarize and analyze
• Interpersonal skills
• Stress resistance
• Ability to work in a multicultural environment
• Ability to manage conflict
• Fluency in both English and German languages

Other requirements
• Valid driving licence (car, possibly truck);
• Forklift licence;
• Crane licence (required for operating the overhead crane at the client’s construction site);

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